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Have you ever gotten down on your hands and knees and looked up from your toddler's viewpoint? Try it sometime, you might be amazed or frustrated at what you see or find. Our oldest son made the comment on his fifth birthday that because he was a year older he could see over the dashboard of the car, when the day before he could not. This was before child safety seats and it really was an accomplishment to see over the dashboard.

Biltmore house in Asheville, NC. Author lived in this house over 50 years ago as a toddler. A toddler doesn't care if his home is the most fashionable one on the block, or if it needs a coat of paint. He just wants food in his tummy, a dry diaper, some toy to play with, and lots of attention from someone he has learned to trust.

Lesson learned looking back is that time spent with a toddler, teaching and loving him, is an investment in an adult's life twenty years down the road. Only five short years can mean a lifetime of good or bad choices.

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Have you noticed that in each instance the word "learn" was used. You are TRAINING your little one and he is LEARNING from your training - make it count for good and give him a really big hug for me.

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